May 10, 2013

Yummy finds at the local co-op~

It's been so long since we biked to our local co-op. Change of weather, and a cranky baby has put us at a halt. Today though we finally made our way to the store, and picked up some much needed things, and I got a set of six Chard plants to plant!! So I'm a happy camper~

What you see above-

Chard plants (Newest addition to my porch garden~)

'Masie Janes Honey' (The best honey on EARTH, plus the store is originally located here, in my city! Woo! Though I have yet to visit, I bet it's a beautiful store!)

'Killer Bee Honey' (My lover bought this to keep in the bathroom for  his face wash, but this Honey is amazing!!)

Coconut Flakes (An easy topping for anything! My son loves to eat this right out of the bag!)

'CitraSolv' (An environmental friendly all purpose house cleaner my love picked up...Guess he's getting bored of vinegar?)

And a loaf of bread I've been wanting to try- 'From the Hearth' Green onion, garlic, and cheddar bread. (This bread came from my lovers city!)

Have you tried any of these products before?

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