May 13, 2013

New season of baby veggies~

Finally after all my plants bolted, and sat there shriveled and ugly, I decided to pick up some more fun veggies to grow out on my porch. I ended up buying alot more than needed, but all went well, my grandparents brought over a bunch of plastic pots, and even trimmings from their Rosemary bush for me to hang out and dry.
They all look so see delicious! Can't wait to eat!

Here's some snapshots of my new babies!-

Swiss Chard

Lemongrass (Yikes! Not a very good picture!! My apologizes!!)
Some more chard!! A different species though...
Rosemary trimmings!! SO much! What am I going to do with all of this??
My porch is so nice looking again, and with the warm weather already hitting, you can bet we're gonna be out there quite alot this summer! Its just so calming to watch these little veggies grow into beautiful decently large plants, a kind of accomplishment that only a gardener could understand...

Much love,

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  1. Hello, I accidentally found your blog and I loveee the way you blogging :3 Also the cute graph in your blog :3

    Btw I have followed you on GFC and bloglovin!! Let's be friends~~