May 8, 2013

My cute little Marimo~

Have you ever heard of this algae ball called Marimo 毬藻  (Aegagropila linnaei)
It's the cutest thing I ever did see! It's a small algae ball that has a soft velvety texture, found in many lakes within the Northern Hemisphere-Mainly Japan, Estonia, and Iceland.

I came across this little guy in my local newspaper article. The most randomest thing I ever did read! One of the boutiques in my city sell them...Well, you adopt them Haha. They come with a certificate and everything! I found out that raising Marimo is super popular in Japan, and it's known to bring good luck! Marimo comes in all sorts of sizes, and grow (If taken care of) To be as big as your hand!!

They bubble when doing Photosynthesis (Which is super fun to watch) and sometimes they float, but MOST of all you can poke them! It's actually required to make sure they stay moving! You gently massage them to keep their round appearance, and change their water frequently, and give them baths! I guess you can say they're a pet!

Have you ever heard of a Marimo? Would you ever consider getting one?
Have a wonderful day, friends!

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