May 2, 2013

Honey cures allergies??

Well its that time again, where pollen hits the air and leaves the unlucky doomed with uncontrolable sneezes, runny noses, and scratchy, puffty eyes. Guess who was blessed with all of the above ALL spring/summer long? Me~ Uggghhhh

Its gotten so bad that even allergy pills dont work! And if they do, it's through trial and error of buying all those lovely (But expensive) brands to see which will work for this season (And even luckier, ONLY this season. Poop)

So there's a wives tale that if you consume about a tablespoon of LOCAL honey everyday, your allergies should cease slowly, until your good to go! Looking further in it, by eating local honey (Which really is just pollen) You can naturally have your body slowly adjust to to the pollen that's in the air. The only thing is, which pollen??? There is no many!!

I have decided (With no other options) to try this wives tale out (Again) and see if it works for me. Years ago I had tried this, but could NOT stand the taste of honey, but within these few years honey and I have become quite the pair!

This month I will be going to my local natural food store and buy my towns honey, and maybe a couple other  brands in-between. I will eat TWO Tablespoons of honey everyday, and I WILL keep up with it! I must!! Haha

I'll be keeping you guys posted on if I see a difference!
Anyone tried this method before?
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