May 11, 2013

Endangered species faire~

Last Sunday my son and I attended the endangered species fair that happened to be tucked away inside the park, only accessible by bike and feet. Unfortunately we we went an hour before it ended,  so we didn't get to see all the wonderful animals, or puppets. And barely anyone was there! :(

My son ended up picking out his very first dreamcatcher, and bobbed his head to the sound of music one of the last bands before we hopped back on the bike and headed back home. There wasnt much to see, but from the local newspaper pictures, we missed out on some pretty awesome stuff, and so many people attended too! I was bummed we missed out on ALOT, but there's always next year, right? Haha

Only a few vendors selling. Not sure if there was more since we arrived so late :(
The beautiful Dreamcatchers this kind lady was selling~

People sitting in the shade, watching the band play their lovely music~

So much space!! Where did everyone go??
Only accessible by bike or foot, so you can only imagine how many bikes there were!!

Well nonetheless, it was an enjojyable outing, and the people were friendly. Hopefully we make it on time next year!

Have you gone to an Endangered Species Faire before? 

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