Apr 26, 2013

Birthday outing to Japanese noodle shop!~

My Dad was so kind enough to watch my lil' monkey for a few hours so my lover and I could go out and have lunch together! Everything was kind of rushed (Because I took waaaaay too long getting myself dolled up Haha) But all in all, I enjoyed every bit of getting out of the house and acting like a couple should!

Enjoying his sour slushie!
First we stopped by this new Mexican icecream shop (My fav!) My lover got this crazy sour drink, while I just stuck to my usual- Coconut fruit drink. We sat together and talked about lovely things, and he gave me my first present! A children's book on how to make Bi-bim-bop! (I LOVE children's books so this absolutely melted my heart~) Afterwards we biked downtown to a resturant I've been wanting to try- Chicoichi. A Japanese style noodle shop. I found out they served 'Takoyaki' (Octopus rolled in yummy cake-like batter) so I HAD to go there.

Awesome octopus painting!

Our food!~


Ramune! 'Mango cream'

The restaurant was very cute, and had fun Japanese items that made it give the feel of what a Japanese noodle-house would be like. We opt to sit out in back since the weather was soooo nice, and it was even more perfect since there was a lovely sound of the creek down below!!

He could be a food model! Haha

Everything was really nice and laid back. My lover and I took a bunch of silly pictures of us eating Takoyaki, and slurping on the noodles we ordered, then after filling our belly's we paid the bill and headed home. Overall the meal was nice! I enjoyed being together with my man for a couple hours, and my lil' monkey did so well with his grandpa! No mother panic attacks for me!~

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

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