Feb 3, 2013

Our 'Garden' grew!

Yesterday at the Saturday market, we picked up a six pack of starter Romaine lettuce to plant. Those babies are just so cute! I thought I'd share them with you! My son has been such a big helper with watering the Dino Kale, so when he saw me planting the lettuce he was on it when it came time to water them as well Haha

As for the Dino Kale, I ended up harvesting the bottom leaves, WOOO! And they tasted soooo good. (Maybe due to the sweet success with growing my own food? Haaha I left the top leaves for the Kale to continue to take in sunlight, but I also noticed thaat there were baby leaves growing in on top of the leaves that I had taken, so these babies are producing like crazy! We're thinking of buying larger planters so we can transplant the kale, that way they grow into GIANT bush-like plants, and we will have endless amounts of Kale!! MUAHAHAHAHAAA!

That's all for now...

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