Feb 9, 2013

Morning scenery to the Market~

Since I'm getting bored with outfit posts, I decided to (Once again) change things up a bit. I thought I'd show you the wonderful scenery that we get to see on our way to the Saturday Morning Market.

These days have been EVEN more chilly! But it didn't stop our crazy bike rides to pick up the weekly produce. I'm excited for spring to hit, because everything will be lush and green again! Still, winter season has quite some beauty in it's own, as you can see~

This Saturday was filled with TONS of people, lots of bicyclist too! Luckily we came earlier than last time, and got a fair share of yummy delights for this coming week. Speaking of which, Valentine's is so close!! What are your plans? Going out on a date with a loved one? Sticking to chocolate and late night movies? Or same as usual??

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

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  1. These photos are really lovey and the hands sculpture is very cool. We are doing a valentines day picnic in our living room day of (we both work pretty late) and then a fancy date the following day. you?

    new follower :)

    1. That sounds lovely! We also will be doing a picnic, if it doesn't rain, or else we might just have to camp out in our living room as well Haha