Feb 25, 2013

Math jammed brain!

I came to apologize for my lack of posts! I haven't posted since Valentine's but I have a good excuse!! I've been on a intense schedule filled with just Math and Chemistry. Since I couldn't get into any of the classes I needed for this semester, I took up the time to study Math, so I can  retake the Math assessment for my school, and hopefully score higher so I wont have to take so many classes! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

I don't think I've ever immersed myself so deeply into Math before, I'm quite amazed at how much I'm actually learning, compared to when I took Math classes in school, which were so fast-paced I had no time to absorb the information being taught. With this in mind, I decided to start allllll the way back to the basics, as a wonderful refresher, and I don't think I've ever been this strong! I'm whipping through subjects like crazy, and of course, struggling at others as well.

So? I've decided to take a break from all the lovely fun stuff I've consumed myself with, and get down and dirty with all these crazy numbers until August, when fall semester starts. :)

I will blog here and there (Since I have some special days coming up that I'd like to share) But it wont be as frequent. Please forgive me!!!

Stay strong~
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  1. Hey Ama! I think your blog is bitchin' and you deserve a Liebster Award. Let’s all link up and whatnot. Hope you want to play along, check out your nomination at: http://thingstoholdandstir.blogspot.com/2013/02/dear-liebster-award-eventually-i-am.html


  2. I completely understand! It's super hard blogging and juggling life! thank goodness for holidays which will be jam filled with posts, I assure my readers... and myself! Good luck with all things Chemistry and Maths! XXX