Feb 1, 2013

February's Cat~

Well, the start of a new month, means a new picture turns to show it's face on the calendar  This month's Cat illustration is nothing less than amazing!  I use to have a cat who looked similar to this one, so this is a warm illustration for me.

Some goals for this month that I have in mind is....Get a job! Haha. Nothing about needing money, but experience! I'm hoping I get this certain job, because it will be perfect to place on my resume for my Biology career. Since I wont be going for a PhD, I will need a BUNCH of experience in order to be even considered a career. The application deadline is the 8th, so I'm really hoping I'll get this job! Perfect hours, hiking trips, teaching children about the importance of preserving the environment. Everything is up my alley! Haha

Another thing--I hope to get my boutique up and running! It'll be a simple Etsy shop as of now, just selling clothes out of my closet, till I make enough to buy thrifty finds. Got alot of pictures to take, but I'm sure this boutique will go well. There's nothing in it now, but check out the sidebar's link picture 'The Prussian Cat Boutique' for my up and coming Etsy shop!

And last but not least- The days are warming so I hope we will get outdoors more. I know my son is craving the park, but it's just been so cold!! So hopefully we will see warmer days, so we can have our adventures.  And not have to freeze our butts off too much riding our bikes to the Saturday Market.:)

And that's about it!
Have a wonderful February, filled with love and candy!

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