Feb 14, 2013

A Valentine's Adventure~

 Today I wore a dress I recently bought off Modcloth. Perfect for Valentines! My lover and son on the other hand, couldn't find a 'heart' outfit in time so I ended up stitching three felt fabric heart brooches for all three of us to wear. They were a hit! People thought it was the cutest idea! Haha

Well, it was a calm day filled with extreme giggles from a kid who had too big of a cookie, and lot's of wind, but all in all, I got to spend it with my two pals + my grandma, so I had fun! Amazingly today the weather has been it's best since who knows when!?! 72 degrees! Are you serious?!?! So we took advantage of the warmth and biked down to my son's FAVORITE park and had a picnic! Boy did that kid have a blast- running everywhere, falling any second possible, it was cute to see him in all his glory!

Towards the end, my son got quite cranky (Or possibly a sugar crash?) So we headed home before it started cooling down. Today was a day to remember~

How was your Valentine's Day?

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  1. Those hearts are the cutest :) And 72! In February! It is a miracle :)


  2. Cute, love the hearts.