Jan 17, 2013

Weekday Errand outfit~

Well, we're up at my man's mom's house again Haha. More lazy blogging days... Today though I got to leave the pj's behind and dress up to run some errands. We stopped by Barnes and Noble to pick up a giant flash card kit full of sign language gestures for my son (Since he's still a baby it's hard to communicate, BUT after doing some research we found it's a wonderful way to help your child tell you his wants and needs, AND IT WORKS!! He knows so many signs now ( I believe we started around 6 months?? He's now 19 months and does the signs perfectly!) He can tell us when he's hungry, when he wants a bath, when something scares him, when something hurts, etc. So we bought some more cards to practice new gestures for him. I'm pretty excited to start!!
I also found this book that stroked my fancy-'What Evolution is' Since starting my Biological Science journey, I've found that my two favorite subjects are Cells and Natural Selection So I've been trying to digest as much about the subjects as possible until something new pops up, who knows what will be next, right?? So many news things and I'm just getting started! Anyways (Before I bore you guys Heehee) I wanted the book so bad, but we ran out of time and had to head back to the house, so my lover said he'll just buy it online sometime soon. Poo.
How's your weekday going? Any fun news??

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  1. Hi Ama! Thank you for your comment and interest in my handmade cards. Just email me your address by this upcoming Friday. I'll be sending the packages out by the weekend. Hope to hear from you soon!