Jan 12, 2013

Saturday Market Outfit~

Another one of those weekly trips to the Saturday Market. As usual all went well! People were kind and engaged in casual conversation, and more venders were selling Napa Cabbage, so instinctively we bought 4 massive cabbages (Made my sister carry them all Muahahaha!) just in case... Then rushed to the Co-op to grab some milk and some more lovely Hot Cocoa before hopping back on the bikes and enduring another chilly Saturday afternoon bike ride home. When I think back at it, there wasn't much that happened today, but nonetheless, everything went smoothly which I'm always grateful for.
Have a wonderful Saturday evening, friends~

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  1. I love your little gray jacket here! I believe I used to have one just like it! The kitty purse is so darling too! Can I just borrow this whole outfit?! Ah.

    Lindsey Louise

    1. Haha! Thanks! This is probably one of my favorite outfits as well, though everything is missing something- The dresses straps are tied, the jacket is missing a button, etc.
      That WOULD be pretty fun to do a outfit swap for blogging (Kind of like what you have been doing with another gal)
      Much love

  2. Love those boots! Just followed <3


  3. I love that purse. So cute! The leggings are adorable also.