Jan 5, 2013

Saturday Market Outfit~

This ones a bit off....But thought I'd throw it in :P

Lil' cub all bundled up~
 Well, today is Saturday  So we set out to by our weeks worth of veggies today as the normal Saturdays go. I'm glad today was a bit warmer than it has been because the chilly weather makes it soooo hard to go bike riding!! Brrrr!
Last night the lil' tiger cub pulled an all nighter, so we were up till 5am till he finally gave up and hit the bed. Then he woke up around 7am, so we got barely a lick of sleep. Man was that exhausting! I was on the edge of not going ANYWHERE today. My body was so weak, and my brain just wasn't functioning right. In the end we went anyways and boy am I glad we did! The fresh air was something well needed, and it wasn't too cold which made things better. We even chatted with another bicyclist who was also on her way to the Saturday market. Socializing always makes the day/bike ride better Haha

How has your Saturday been?


  1. hey girl, I dont mean to be weird or forward at all, but you look great for being a young mom! Your style is very sweet!

    randomly stumbled upon this and was appeased!
    with peace and love,

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  3. Ur baby boy looks adorable and u look amazing <3