Jan 11, 2013

Morning Kale ~

Since about September I have been growing six Dino Kale plants. I'm amazed how big they have grown! My babies are looking so well! Haha. I'm excited for Harvest time, though I'm debating on if I should take the whole plant, or just harvest individual leaves....At the same time I don't want to eat them!! I'm too proud of how big they have gotten! Maybe I'll just continue to buy Dino Kale from the Saturday Market, and leave my babies to bolt? I can't make up my mind!

I have another potter next to the Kale, that I plan on growing some pretty flowers in this coming Spring. My lover wants to grow an Aloe plant as well, so we will soon have an odd but cute (And semi-useful) assortment of plants growing. Also, our bird seed sprouted! (As you can see in the picture above) very unexpected, but a pleasant surprise! Altogether though, just another way of becoming resilient from grocery store Corporations-Grow your own produce!! So far so good!
Are you growing a garden? If so, how's it going? Are your plants edible?
Have a wonderful weekend~

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  1. Your Kale plants look so good! I really wish I had started a little indoor garden this year! I think I too would be torn about actually eating them when they're doing so well haha! Happy Friday to you!
    xo Hannah