Jan 4, 2013

Homemade Kimchi YUM!~

So recently, my lover and I made some yummy Kimchi ( 김치)! Boy was that an experience!! It requires about 10lbs of Napa Cabbage, which is quite alot of cabbage to chop up and soak for an hour. We had cabbage in ALL sorts of bowls until I realized, we have my sons baby bath which he doesn't use anymore. Yeah, that helped ALOT!
Baby bath filled with Cabage!~
And silly ol' me should have listened to the lover when he told me to use 1/2 a cup of peppers even though the recipe called for a cup to two cups. (He bought 'SPICY HOT' Thai peppers instead of the Korean peppers, which turned out to be waaay too CRAZY spicy! And silly ol' me thought it'd be a 'smart' idea to stir the pepper paste in with the cabbage WITHOUT GLOVES. Holy moly I now know why the Koreans mix the paste and cabbage with gloves!!! I never knew peppers can burn your hands till that night!! My hands felt like they were literally ON FIRE! HAHA! WOW what an experience!

I was crying in this pic-The combination of peppers and onions were KILLING me!
I soon found out, going gloveless was a big no-no!
The kimchi came out beautifully fermented, except too spicy to actually sit down and engulf the whole jar like I normally would (More like only one bite every few hours because it's THAT SPICY!!!)

Overall the experience was not bad (Except for the hand burns which lasted throughout the night) and it was pretty fun and quite easy! I plan on making some more soon (But with less than a half a cup of peppers....Nah, I'll just buy a new jar that is MILD instead of SPICY HOT. Damn those Thai peppers!)

These ended up making good Christmas gifts too!
Here's a link to the website 'Maangchi' which is where I got the recipe from. Her video tutorials and even the picture tutorials were EXTREMELY helpful. If anyone is willing to make some yummy homemade Kimchi, I recommend her website!

Found this article on how Koreans have lower obesity rates due to eating kimchi, If interested check it out here~

Thanks for reading!

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