Jan 29, 2013

DIY A drink to calm a cold~

I dunno about you guys, but this cold I have is getting it's all in kicking my butt! Like wow! Talk about congestion galore!! Running nose, headache, light fever, etc....I'm not a big fan of taking pills, so my only other choice is to search for a natural cure!! Haha.

A while back I found this drink I made for my lover when he was down with a cold, and of course it doesn't totally cure the cold, but it does calm it down and makes breathing out your mouth a bit better.

This special drink is......Apple Cider Vinegar!!! (With a twist)

A light splash of Apple Cider vinegar (About a tsp, since this is REALLY strong)
A tap of Cayenne pepper (Be careful with going over board, it could get a bit too spicy)
Honey (How ever much you feel is needed, I like to add three giant rice-spoon fulls to my drink....While your at it, try eating a scoop or two of honey as well. It's said to calm a sore and scratchy throat, AND IT WORKS!!)
Lemon (Squeeze as much as you can!!)
Hot Water ( Fill it all the way to the top!)

No doubt the thought of all of this together doesn't sound too tasty, but all these ingredients help with a sore/scratchy/mucus-ridden/ throat.

Here's how:

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of those SUPER drinks that (If consumed too much, it could strip the enamel so use sparingly, and always make sure to mix the tsp of apple cider vinegar in water, drinking even just a tsp of vinegar can burn the throat and cause even more pain)  it helps with Digestion, boosts your immune system, and erodes away nasty bacteria (Hence, being careful with consuming too much). It makes a wonderful summertime drink, but also a well-needed drink when you start to feel like something yucky is coming on....

Cayenne Pepper, like all pepper, is extremely good with digestion, and also helps curb an appetite. My lover told me that when his grandfather would have a scratchy throat, and cough alot, he would chew on black pepper. I haven't personally tried this, but It does help in the drink. Plus eating spicy food while congested helps loosen everything up!

Honey is another SUPER food that has quite alot of uses. Eating a spoonful or more of honey helps coat the throat, and soothes that horrible scratchiness! Whenever I make this drink I ALWAYS eat a spoonful of honey just to calm my throat, and it really does help!

Lemon is a pretty common ingredient that is widely used to calm a sore throat. Sometimes the acidity can bother a really bad sore throat so I'd be careful with using this ingredient by itself (Personal experience :( )

Water!! Drinking as much water as possible will help flush toxins out of the body and keep the body healthy and hydrated, which is SUPER important when dealing with any sickness. (something I also need to work on, more water please!!)

Well, there you have it! Sorry for the super long post, but hey, it's nice to know how everything works.

Have you ever tried this drink before? Do you live by it when coming down with the cold?
Have a wonderful weekday everyone!

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