Jan 13, 2013

DIY Chinese Sesame balls~

So since we came back home I've been craving those darn (Super unhealthy) Seasame Balls we buy from the Asian Market up where my lover's Mother lives. They are just waaaay too good it's bad! The other day we rode our bikes out to grab the ingredients to make them (Since I can never win against sweets) and they turned out perfect!! Here's the results....

Ready to be deepfried!

There were so many different recipes out there for filling but the only one I wanted (Egg filled) was the one I couldn't find, so we left them alone (Till next time...) and they still turned out delicious~

Check out the size difference!! They grew like crazy!

I was so shocked at how big they grew after being deep fried! (The trick is to gently press them against the wok while rotating them to keep them from over-frying)

Here's a link to the recipe we used, but don't fret if you have to add more flour! We ended up having to add waaaay more than what was called for (To get the dough thick enough to roll into balls) and they still turned out perfect.

Have you ever ate Sesame balls? If so, what kind of filling did they have?

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