Dec 14, 2012

Terrarium Ornaments DIY~

Perfect for holiday giving, when you cant afford a gift to give. Plus, this ornament lasts past Christmas!!

I came across this idea while searching for a DIY ornament for my grandparents ornament party they host annually. Since I dont have the money to buy an ornament for the party, why not make one??

Not mine, but so gorgeous!~

I make-shifted a used baby jar since it was difficult to find clear ornaments, but you can imagine the beauty of a terrarium ornament!

The basics of what you will need:
Container (whether it be a clear ornament, or baby jar)
Moss/small plants
ribbon. chain, rope
hot glue gun.

First I took necklace chain and wrapped it around the jar figuring out what style I'd like best.
Then make little dabs of hot glue and lightly (Since the hot glue is hot!!) tap the chain into the glue.

There's a lil' bell!

Add fun ribbon or bells (Optional) to brighten up the ornament.

Now its time to add the moss!

 Add a bit of soil into the jar, and stuff the moss in, in a way that is pleasing to your eye.

Then add cute trinkets inside to spice the moss up!

A lil' watering can and rose~
Tiny four leaf clover~

Excuse the blurry-ness...
I was lucky to have practically everything around the house. It just took some digging around to find it!
I made three different ones for my son, lover, and I to bring to the party. They all hang in unique ways~

Hope your gift brings joy to others!
Happy Holidays!~

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