Dec 15, 2012

Saturday Market Outfit~

Posing awkwardly as passerby's stared Haha!
Every Saturday we have made it a rule to go produce shopping at our local marketplace. we have found that it's waaay cheaper than buying at the convectional grocery store, and we're supporting local farming too! Its a wonderful way to get the family out of the house and let our lil' monkey walk about, picking his favorite veggies to take home and eat. Today though, it was FREEZING! I really did underestimate the weather, since lately it has been a 'warmish' cold, even the rain has been a bit warm and lovely. Today, I froze my butt off`! (Not literally, but it felt like it Haha)

After we picked up a bag full of veggies and mandarins we biked back home and took baths and drank warm milk! Well, hot cocoa for Mamma... ;)


  1. LOL Sometimes when it's super cold, I feel like nothing warms me up like a luke warm bath! :) Thanks for the ad swap!!

    1. Right? It's like when I get cold, I get 'bone-deep' cold. Only a warm bath can cure it. Haha!
      Cool! Thanks for accepting it! :)

  2. I hate being cold. There are some days that I feel like no matter what I do, I'm still cold!!!! You looked adorable. I love your hair.