Dec 16, 2012

Rejuva Minerals Powder foundation review~

Today I wanted to do a review on my natural makeup I bought that lasted me a whole semester! I have officially ran out, and plan on buying more soon!

It's called Rejuva Minerals. This makeup is all natural, vegan, and all their Products Rated Low Toxicity by the Environmental Working Group - Skin Deep. 

I had been in search of a powder foundation that was natural so I could keep my makeup routine, but with a healthier alternative. So when I came across Rejuva Minerals I got really excited!

They have a nice selection of colors for powder foundation, and surprisingly they carried a color close to my fair complexion: 'cool ivory' (Though it's still a shade too dark, but I'll live). They have two selection sizes 1- Sample size (Don't be deceived like I was at first, this is actually alot of powder!!) and 2- Full size which is in an obviously larger container! This brand IS on the pricey side- $13-34, but I cannot empathize the fact that you are buying a product with low toxicity, vegan (Not tested on animals), and mainly contains all natural minerals. There is a reason for this madness! Haha

They also sell Mascara (Which I bought also), blush, bronzer, kits, and a 'multi-task' mix which is suppose to do an 'all in one' kind of thing.

The mascara is AMAZING! And it's in the price range of most drug-store brands, so there really isn't much difference except for an ease of mind that your not applying chemicals (Since most mascara are quite toxic) on those lovely lashes of yours.

Overall, my experience with this brand was quite well. Though these past months I have broke out (Not sure if it's due to the makeup, or from school...) So I would have liked more coverage. I had read somewhere online that they use to sell liquid foundation, so I'm quite interested in seeing if they plan to have that back for this slight pimple problem that I've been dealing with. I would rate this brand of powder minerals a.....

4 out of 5!

Hope you enjoyed my review!
Have you trued Rejuva Minerals before? If so, how was your overall experience?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I haven't switched over my makeup yet to vegan products. I want to do though!! :) I hate thinking about what I am using right now, but I don't want to be wasteful either. Thanks for sponsoring my blog by the way. :)

    1. I totally understand. I didn't want to throw away anything, so I ended up using all of it or giving it away. It's hard to keep using stuff when you know how bad it is for you. :/