Dec 10, 2012

Perfect DIY Lip-Balm for the Holidays~

I came across some awesome ideas for Christmas presents a few weeks ago (We decided to keep the budget low this year, and wanted to follow the simple task of keeping everything gift-like local, or from DIY crafting) There are all sorts of wonderful ideas that I'll definitely be blogging on this month, because they are quite festive, simple, and budget friendly!
That perfect gift~

Anyways, Lip-Balm is always a big thing around this time of year. Everyone's always complaining about dry faces, chapped lips, and frizzy hair, etc. So why not do them a favor by creating your own DIY  lip-Balm and take down one of those problems?  Lip-balm is perfect for Men and Women alike (Killin' two birds with one stone baby!)

Using the 'mainly' way to apply chap stick haha

Conventional Lip-balms and lip glosses are actually quite toxic, and since most people throughout the day lick their lips, they end up consuming some of those toxins as well
If you make your own Lip-balms, you control the substances put into it, so no more worrying about those yucky chemicals! And since most the ingredients can be found in an average kitchen, making your own Lip-balm is QUITE budget friendly!

Plus! Natural Lip-balms can be more moisturizing than the conventional ones, AND they are edible! ;)

So after that long explanation of the wonderful reasons to DIY here's the tutorial!!! YAY!

I opted to make a cinnamon-y honey Lip-balm. But you can use whatever ingredients tickle your fancy. Just make sure to have- a wax (To help solidify the Lip-balm) -and an oil (To moisturize) . You can also use essential oils for more fragrance.

Ingredients you will need:

1lb unbleached beeswax

1 jar of Coconut Oil

1 jar of raw organic Honey

Ground Cinnamon (Optional)

Container(s) (If you can't buy tin containers, you can get all crafty and re-use tin lids like I did in this tutorial!)

Cheese Grater (Buy a used one, or get ready to have this one stay forever for these kinds of projects, because wax, soaps and oils are hard to clean for objects like these)

Cookie sheet (One you don't mind getting wax on)

Spatula (Or make-shirt stir-thingy)

Metal bowl and pot (Unless you have a double boiler)

There is no actual measurements I used. But if you need an estimate, you will use about 2 Tb of beeswax, 1Tb of Coconut oil and about 2 spoon fulls of Honey. I found this makes about 1 1/2 tin lid fulls of Lip-Balm. -But go ahead and play around with the ingredients, that's the fun part!!

Step one: Grate the Beeswax (It's really hard!! So I got my lover to do it for me hee hee~) Once you have enough grated.......
Get a pot of water heated and place a metal bowl that sits into the pot of water Make sure the water doesn't squeeze out (Skip this if you have a double boiler!)

Step two: Place a decent amount of wax (About 2 TB) into the metal bowl. Then scoop out about 2 TB of coconut oil into the metal bowl and slowly mix them together with a spatula until it liquifies

The process should look something like this.....

Step three: Add the Honey (I added about 2 spoonfuls to my mixture) And stir till the honey becomes one with the wax and oil....

Step three(Optional): Add a little spice or essential oils. I used cinnamon. I tapped a bit in then stirred....

Step Four: Get your containers or (in my case) tin lids on a cookie sheet then carefully (With oven mittens!!!) pick the metal bowl up from the pot and pour it slowly into the tin lids/containers....


You can gently scoot them to another area of the cookie sheet to let it cool down, then work on some more, OR your all done!

As the Lip-balm hardens there will be random parts solid and random parts still liquid-y so let them sit for at least 10 hours.

To add a festive flare, I sprinkled a little bit of cinnamon on top of each Lip Balm, which turned out to be pretty cute!

All that's left to wrap them up and give them to loved ones!~

Hope you enjoyed this crafty tutorial and have a wonderfully festive month friends!


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