Dec 24, 2012

Merry Christmas eve everyone!~


   This year for the holidays seemed to be a bummer since we can't afford gifts to each-other  If it was me back then I'd probably be super depressed about the whole thing, especially since my lil' monkey deserves all the nicest things in the world! Haha
    But then it hit me. Christmas has become extremely materialistic. That people actually get depressed (Like what I felt) because they can't afford gifts, or at that, expensive gifts. That is not what Christmas was about originally. Listening to Christmas songs all month long made me remember what it truly is about, and that is...Being with the ones you love! Eating delicious foods with these people, singing, and playing, having a good time with those loved ones. I think alot of society has forgot this, even I had. Christmas mainly consisted with opening gifts then dashing away into another room to play with those gifts, having forgotten who gave them in the first place (Well, that's how I remembered it)
    So since I was super bummed about not being able to give any gifts, I had decided it would be better to just be festive and do TONS of crafts with my little one instead. And also, attending all those Christmas parties family had put together really helped as well. I tried to surround myself with loved ones, and keep myself busy with fun projects and it actually helped! Haha It's kind of hard to explain all and everything, but I kinda feel like this is how it's suppose to be, like before Christmas became so materialistic. I'm happy in a sense I was able to become so informed on how our society is going about things to be able to see at this point of view. If I didn't I'd probably be a total downer today Haha.
Giving that whole long spool of how I felt, I decided to post a picture of the cookies that I baked, my lover made the frosting, and my son sprinkled. Come Christmas, I plan to make this one memorable by not how many gifts I received, but by how many projects my little family and I made. I'm quite excited!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

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