Dec 11, 2012

Last day of school Outfit~

My grandmother came by the other day and gave me a couple of outfits (Two Knit shirt/dresses, a pair of leggings and two pairs of shoes) that she said would look like something I would wear. And they do! Perfect for winter! So I wore one of the outfits for my last day of finals. I thought it was a warm outfit for a chilly day, so I'd like to share it with you~

Don't mind my sons head Haha~
A cute Dark pink knit dress, with a high waist belt. Paired with grey leggings, white sparkly socks, and the perfect booties.

Bunny Purse!
Random, but my Bunny Purse I've been sporting this semester. This thing is handy and the perfect size for carrying my essentials!

Believe it or not, these bad boys are amazing shoes to wear when riding my bike. I'm not sure why (Good grip? Comfy?) They just work!

Is it a cat? Is it a bear?
I've been wearing this necklace alot lately. I've had it since Junior High, but haven't actually gotten to wear it till now. My mom bought this for me, and I added the mini rose to add a spring touch~

Rose earrings~~
I'm in LOVE with my rose earrings! They haven't left my ears since August! Haha. But they match my teddy bear necklace!~

Simply elegant~
I tried to take a picture of the back of my head but failed miserably....But I twisted the hair in the back to form a side pony tail. A cute hairstyle for today~

And that is my outfit for today!
See you guys soon!


  1. Pretty dress.. and the purse is super cute :D
    x, Lara

  2. I love the bunny purse its amazing!