Dec 20, 2012

Korean Fashion-Skirts~

I've started noticing a lot lately that Korean Dramas (At least) Have this sort of Beauty around vintage (1940's possibly?), classy, youthful type of fashion. Well not exactly just fashion....Everything that surrounds them (Cute trinkets, bedrooms, restaurants)  It's kinda hard to explain. Of course I've never been to Korea (Though I'm dying to go!) But JUST what I've observed in Dramas, which is one of the reasons I've become quite fond of Korean Fashion. I'll probably do a blog post on this style outside of the fashion aspect to hopefully portray what I'm feeling, but I wanted to dedicate today's post specifically to skirts (I'm a BIG skirt/dress kind of gal :))

Have a wonderful chilly day! Stay warm my friends!


  1. Replies
    1. YAY!! We need more people who are into Korean dramas. I feel like Korea isn't loved as much as Japan....

  2. All those beautiful skirts! I've never seen a Korean drama before - but I surely wouldn't mind watching one :) They sound lovely! xo

    1. They are! I love Asian dramas in general, they work you into getting so emotional over a hug or kiss! Alot better than western shows-Not very modest, and often times straight to the dirty stuff. Too inappropriate for my son to watch Haha