Dec 25, 2012

Christmas Photos~

My darling and I in a wedding-like photo~
 Ah. I'm on a roll with the festiveness!
Today I made my lover take pictures with me for an outfit post since I didn't do one for the Saturday Market. I LOVED my outfit today, Though, after looking at the photos (Not sure if lover takes pictures of my bad angles, or the dress isn't flattering Haha) the dress doesn't look as how I felt in it...Well I figured one LAST Christmas post will do...Till next year!! then you'll have to deal with it again!! Muahahaha!!

And here's a picture of  rocks..Believe it or not my 1 1/2 year old son took this! I'm amazed! He has mad steady skills! Just thought I'd show it off to ya'  ;)

I hope everyone enjoys the lovely last bit of holiday cheers before New years!
Take care friends!


  1. you guys look really sweet in the last photo :)
    would you like to follow each other?