Sep 13, 2012

Organic Raw Honey face Wash~

So I've been on a 'Natural' kick. I've completely got rid of ALL commercial products, and currently use natural food products on my skin. And WOW, there's a BIG difference! Haha.

Give me some honey!

 One of the easiest ones (That doesn't involve 3 to 4 ingredients) is a Honey face wash. Not just any honey unfortunately. You need RAW ORGANIC HONEY.
This is the brand I currently use. KILLER BEE'S honey! Hardcore! $6

The reason for this is because raw honey doesn't forgo intense heat when processed. That means the Anti bacteria (The good stuff) Still lives in the honey, which helps clean your beautiful face!

Who knew such tasty stuff can be used on your face as well!
It may sound odd putting Honey on your face (It definitely did to me!) Honey being sticky and all, no one wants that on themselves! But it's amazing! There's little bits of grains in the honey that can exfoliate the skin, and being antibacterial, it kills pimples! YAY!

I've been using Honey as a face wash for about a week now, and not only do I feel better about knowing I'm not putting harmful chemicals on my face, it's also a refreshing feel, and leaves my face radiant and glowing! Shoot, I even got my man using honey on his face! (He was pretty skeptical too!) Haha

I plan on doing a fun tutorial for Honey face wash for those of you who are interested.
So give it a try, let me know how it goes for you!


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