Sep 7, 2012

My baby boy's new pair of Toms~

Yeah, this post isn't about me, but I couldn't resist so give me a break~

The other day we finally received my son's Toms. Toms are pretty popular now in days, at school I see quite alot of girls sporting this brand, and I can see why. Every pair of shoes you buy, a person in need receives a new pair of shoes too! So you buy a pair, a person gets one free! It's a nice thought of knowing a little boy or girl my son's age will receive a nice pair of shoes.

They came in a cute small box ~
 I was so excited to finally receive them! We've been waiting all week Haha. My son can finally walk places with us (Something he's been dieing to do for the last couple of weeks)

The backs of the shoe

The front of the shoes
 These are so cute! I love them!! The cool thing is they bend real easy, so my son can comfortably walk in them. No more wobbling like a penguin! Haha

Him wearing them~
 These shoes were amazingly easy to put on as well! If anyone has ever put shoes on a baby, you'll know what I mean Haha. They actually have Velcro sides that easily fold down so the shoe slips right on. After sticking the sides of the shoes back, the foot doesn't slip out either. Double plus!

My little man roamin' the streets ~

 He finally gets to venture outside! Not too far from Mama and Papa though.

Out for a late afternoon walk~
The outfit I wore in the above picture I was wanting to include into this post, but I was so exhausted after the walk I forgot to take pics! GRRR! A cute outfit too! Well some other time....

What do ya' think of my little man's shoes?



  1. FREAKIN' ADORABLE OMGGGGG!!! Your son is soo cute pushing his chair haha ^_^

    1. Thanks! That's his favorite pastime Haha

  2. Those are so cute and adorable >3< aww your son looks so cute ;33

    1. I know right? So small and adorable!