Aug 11, 2012

Those Big Buns!

Since my hair wasn't long enough to make a big bun on my head, I bought a wig bun (And it just so happened, they sold my hair color!). I had the cutest hairstyle going on for a while, until....I dyed my hair!! :( My hair is still a blond color but not the buns shade of blonde, and now I've been reminiscing on those wonderful days of cuteness with that perfectly large bun on top of my head. *Ahhh*

Love the bows when worn with Buns!

If any of you aren't familiar with these giant buns, these hairstyles are very popular in Korea and Japan. Girls wear their buns on the very top of their head, and if their hair isn't long enough they'll usually wear a wig bun (Like what I bought).
Another cute bow

Here's a small picture tutorial of the many styles of buns you can make

The perfect bun!

So many different styles! I like to wear my bun kinda off to the side. Since my hair is slightly longer I can wear a semi-decnt bun. haha. Still on the search for Blond wig buns in my shade.


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