Aug 19, 2012

Shooting stars in our eyes nail art~~

So I ended up redoing my nails again (For the third time now Haha) Since I've been reading up on a lot of Astrophysics topics on outer-space, I decided 'Why not redo my nails, and make them into shooting stars?' Thus, the mission was on! And it didn't turn out bad! Yay!

So many layers, I'm surprised my nails actually dried!!~~

 I used quite alot of different nail polish to get the best looking color of pink.
I used 'Sally Hansen- Grape Expectations' as a base coat. This is (To me at least) such an ugly color! It didn't come out like the color in the bottle, but actually a weird reddish-pink?
 I then used 'China Glaze- Jetstream' as a top layer. It actually changed the reddish-pink into a soft cotton-candy color, with light sparkles! Very pretty!
Then, after sticking on the star deco, I took my 'Kiss- Brush on paint' (White skinny bottle) and drew streaks underneath the star deco, so it looked as if the stars were zooming at the speed of light! Haha

Nailpolish I've had forever, but never got around to use, they ended up making decent nailpolish!
Afterwords, I used the 'Wet 'n' Wild- Silver frost' and glazed on as many layers as I could! I'm addicted to glitter, if you haven't noticed yet!!

Ah! Finally the end of this madness!
Finally, after everything dried (And boy did it take awhile!) I used 'For Rhinestones only' top coat over the star deco to keep them in place. And last but not least, 'Sally Hansen-Double Duty base & top coat' to cover the rest of the nail. And the outcome??.....

Shooting stars in our eyes nail art!~~
Not bad. I do like them alot more then my last two times! What do you think?


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