Aug 9, 2012

Gal Style- Hime Gyaru

I've always been into the princess look: Giant poofy locks of curls, diamonds, large princess like dresses covered in frills, and flowers. Hime Gyaru is a lifestyle I'd like to live if I were given the chance. These girls are high maintenance: Deco manicures, sexy high heels, and flawless makeup. Here's a picture spam of some Hime gals doing it right!

Hime Gyaru is a literal translation to 'Princess Gal' in Japanese. Its a sub group of many different styles of Gyaru 'Gal'

A popular Gal magazine, for the younger generations of Gyaru 'Popteen'

Doll like Hime Gyaru

Princess like room. A tad extreme.....

Cute Hime gals in a shop dedicated to selling Hime style dresses

Gorgeous Hime inspired nails

Love the hair~

A clip from a Hime gyaru magazine

Hime gyaru cell pic. I love the blush!

Beautiful poofy hair!

Hime style is a beautiful bit of Japanese culture/ lifestyle. I hope it never goes out of style! It's too cute!!

What do you think? have you ever worn Hime clothing? Are you a Hime Gyaru?



  1. Aww no way! Their hair (which makes up 3/4ths their head) is so big it looks like it'll fall off their shoulders! I like the clothes though, but the whole fake doll thing is a tad too much... The princess room IS extreme! XD And I thought I was a child...

    1. I'm always trying to poof my hair this big but it never works out, I'm assuming these are wigs? But yeah, that princess room is extreme. I don't think I'd be able to sleep in there (If there is even a place to sleep in that craziness!)

  2. Ooh, I *love* your blog!! Thanks so much for following mine, will be following yours for more cuteness :)

    xo Aubree

    1. Thanks so much! You blog is very inspirational! Keep up the good work!



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