Aug 2, 2012

BB Cream Love

Since last year, I've been obsessed about BB Cream. The wonders it does to my skin! Moisturizer, foundation, a high SPF, all in one beautiful bottle, AND they carry my super pale skin tone! Yay!

I usually go with Missha BB Cream #13 (The whitest you can get). The price range is decent, and using small amounts, the bottle lasts me quite awhile. But recently I think the whitening product they use in BB Cream has been getting to my skin, making my under eye bags look more prominent, which is worrisome so I've stopped for now. :(

While at my local store, I got excited when I saw they carry BB Cream now, so I picked up the 'Westernized' BB Cream; L'Oreal 'Magic skin beautifier BB' in Fair tone, since that's the lightest they had.

The next day I tried out the product, but it was different then what I'm use to to. It had this grainy texture, which never disappeared even having rubbed it into my skin a good amount. There was no SPF WHAT SO EVER, so I had to watch my sun intake (Since I burn super easily, It didn't cover any of my blemishes, AND on top of that, it wasn't even my skin tone! My face had an Orange tone to it, and yet again, it was still too dark! Through out the whole day I kept stealing glances in mirrors, wondering why I looked so 'Off'. :'(( Even though the cream came out white, it turned orange on me?

I didn't look THIS cute!
 I'm guessing I'm stuck with Asian products for now, since they're the only ones that produce foundation in lighter tones. So now I'm on the search for BB Cream with no whitening agents! I've learned my lesson too many times with 'Western Makeup tones' Haha.


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