Aug 2, 2012

Back to School Wishlist

I think the funnest part about back to school, is the shopping! Getting new outfits, stationary, shoes, etc. So much fun! So I've compiled a short list of all the things I wish I could get. Here we go!......

*warning* Picture Spam!!!

 I'm overly obsessive with Kitty things.......

Jetoy Choo Choo Pencil Case

This is a whole outfit set. from Yesstyle

I love this backpack!!!

Oversize kitty shirt, extremely popular in Korea right now.

Simple wedges, they look so comfortable!

Lace slip dress. Perfect for wearing underneath a shorter dress, giving it more length. I need one of these!

Another super cute oversize kitty shirt from Yesstyle

I want these heels in white! I love the bow on the side!  

So there's my short list. Not much, but hey, I had to get the cuteness out of my system. Alot of these products are from Yesstyle, and they're all sold out!!! :(( 

What's your back to school wishlist? :3



  1. I love your style! I saw the first floral shirt on eBay (from Tokyo Fashion) for about... $9.00. I believe the blue one is sold out... There are also Mary Jane Bow shoes on eBay! I wanted the same exact items! But Yesstyle can be pricey

    1. Yesstyle always has the cutest clothes, but so expensive. And every time I go to order it's either too small or sold out! I'll have to keep an eye out on Ebay, probably get a better price too! Thanks!