Aug 17, 2012

Back to School Stationary Haul~

While at Oto's; A Japanese supermarket in a neighboring city. I came across the cutest stationary EVER!! I HAD to have everything!! (Unfortunately, I only got to pick out a few Haha) I sided with three notebooks, and a mechanical pencil (Things I'd need for when school starts) I originally was suppose to get one but being the indecisive person I am, my boyfriend was sweet and told me I could get all three. Yee! So here's my mini haul of overly cute Japanese stationary!

My super cute find!
Front & Back 'Happy Party Bears'
Just a simple lined notebook with cute party bears!! Do they look like they're having fun or what?!

Front & Back- Diary Bear'
Cute Diary? Sure why not?? Haha I love the bear on the back!

You can write your name here~~

Front & Back- 'Alice in Wonderland- Smile World'
This ones my favorite! Cute Chibi Alice in Wonderland! Too Adorable! Don't mind the pencil scribble on her face, my son had to add his touch to the notebook Haha

This is supposedly a math notebook! Cool~~
Close up on the scribbles. This notebook is pretty awesome because the lined paper inside is made specifically for math! (e.g Fractions)

It also came with Alice in Wonderland stickers!! I want to use them...But where do I stick them? They're too cute!

Kira Decoo Mechanical Pencil~~
Last but not least, this adorable Mechanical Pencil!

There was many different cute pencils at Oto's, but this one stood out the most (Obviously, it's bright pink~~) I loved it because it was overly girly with rhinestones and glitter. I had to have it!

One last cute shot~
The cool thing about all of these was that they only cost $1.75 each!! HOLY MOLY! You heard it correct! It was strange when I grabbed the notebooks I couldn't find a price, I was worried with buying everything and finding out it was going to be a ridiculous price, but right above my head was a little pink sign stating 'All Stationary $1.75 unless stated otherwise' I'm guessing, Oto's make most of their money from food, produce, and kitchen supplies so their stationary was cheap? Not sure, but boy was I happy! Haha Glad I didn't buy any stationary online!



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