Aug 16, 2012

Back to School Project: Slip-Skirt

A couple days ago I started on my back to school project: Cutting up an old dress to make into a Slip-Skirt. It turned out gorgeous! The only thing wrong was, it's too short! It's like a mini skirt! *Sad Face* So now I have to find a white elastic band? Or some eyelet fabric? Neither I've been able to find. More then likely this little Slip-skirt wont be worn for a while at this rate! *Another Sad-face*

It looks cute, but it's a very unflattering dress that has sat in my closet for 5 years Haha
This is the dress I used before it was cut up, MUAHAHAHAHAHA! The eyelet fabric was perfect for a frilly slip-skirt so I was excited to finally put it to good use!

A beautiful outcome!

And this is the end result! It turned out amazing, except for it being too short :(

Photoshop fun! Haha
 These were the two sections of the skirt I used. Everything was pretty much ready to be used, all I did was cut and stitch.

Sparkles make everything better!
This is what it looks like on. You can see how short it really is! I was thinking I should just make them into short bloomers if my luck with finding more fabric fails.

It would have been so cute!
This is what it should have looked like, when worn under dresses.

You can't even see it! :(((
And this is what it looks like instead. You can't even see the cuteness!

So in the end, I either make them into Bloomers, or try and find some sort of fabric to add more length. What do you think??



  1. Omigosh it looks so good! So cute! I wanted to buy a skirt like that off eBay but I decided to save money. :c Great job! I think it looks fine being a skirt by itself though. Doesn't look too short to me o-o

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, a skirt by itself is cute too. It'll probably stay a skirt for awhile Haha.