Aug 20, 2012

back to school outfit

The other day I picked up a couple of fun stuff for back to school.

A pair of false eyelashes, eyelash clear glue, and some sparkle nail polish, all bought from my local Walgreens pharmacy. The nail polish and eyelashes were $3.99, the glue, $5.99, so I couldn't pass!

creeper close-up~~
A close up (Not the best quality) of the false eyelashes on. These aren't the best false eyelashes I've worn, but for $3.99, you pay for what you get.

Now on to my outfit for the first day back to College!!...

Double time!~~
Here's my look! What do you think?
When I picked this outfit out the night before, I pictured it looking AMAZING on me, unfortunately, I didn't feel that way when I got dressed the next day Haha.

More closet mirror pics~~ Wait! Where's my shoes??!
I ended up throwing on an over-sized cardigan on top of my shirt. Still looked pretty cute!~

I like big buns, and I cannot lie!~
My hairstyle for the day! YAY for big buns!~ I was able to get it an unusually large size (No more wig buns for me!) by teasing the ponytail before shaping it into a bun. It turned out beautifully! <3

Had to retake this pic a dozen times! So hard trying to take a pic of the back of your own head! Haha

Here's a rearview of my hairstyle. Since I have tons of 'fly-aways' I pinned them back with cute mini bow and Hello Kitty clips! All from!

I'm a camera hog! Oink-oink!
And, Bam! That was my hair and outfit for the first day back to College! Hope you guys liked it!



  1. Sooooooo veeeeeeery cute Ama! You look so set for school! haha. You look so very gal. ^__^

  2. I *love* your hair! It's so cute :) And the floral shirt is pretty cute as well! Hope you had a good first day back at college. Mine was yesterday too.


    1. Thank you! Hope your first day back went as well as mine!


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  4. I love your hair style! That's how I wear mine too, in a bun...everyday. I'm too lazy to actually do it, especially when I have to wake up at 6:00 am. :( Those lashes look great on you. Pretty!

  5. Love the hairclips they are so cute. Ur beautiful. Following <33

  6. You're so cute^^ I love your outfit and makeup :33 and your hairstyle is amazing!! It's so cuuute >3< You got new reader ^3^

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  8. Hi I just found your blog through my friends readers and started browsing your posts:3 Your blog is really cute!^^
    And that back to school outfit is so nice:3 I love your hairstyle:) It fits you!
    You got a new reader!^^