Aug 8, 2012

Anyone ever heard of Sechuna Clothing?

So while skimming through 'Yesstyles' website for cute clothes, I came across a name brand called 'Sechuna'. Unfortunately it's website is all in korean, but they have the most cutest style I've ever came across! And pricey! yikes!

Cute lace dress

Jean looking Purse with a big Bow

crochet sweater

I love the lace Hair bow

lace under skirt (Or you can wear it as is)

This whole outfit is amazing!

I LOVE this Purse! Pink and has a bow as well? I gotta have it!

Adorable Floral Backpack.

See what i mean? Maybe it's just cause I'm loving lace skirts and dresses, but the style is adorable, innocent, and has a nice artsy feel too. The price range though is kinda intimidating ($50-100) unless your the kind of girl who looks past the price-tag.

Hope you enjoyed my picture spam!



  1. Cute! But yes, way too expensive also considering shipping price... Wish asian fashion clothes were commonly sold in America... I hope I find something in Bellaire, Houston!

    1. I was just thinking that! We need more fashion stores that cater to the Asian trends, but come in larger sizes and aren't as expensive. If only, if only. :(