Aug 4, 2012

AmaCharms Strawberry Hair Rollers Review

So recently has been selling Strawberry Hair rollers like crazy! These Rollers are very popular on the web right now. 

T-ara's Jiyeon is seen wearing Strawberry Hair Rollers in the Korean Drama 'Dream High 2'

 I wanted to do a post about the strawberry rollers in more detail for those of you who are interested, but not sure how they work.

On the Roller, there is a slit in the middle, where you can lay your hair in and roll it up.

These are a spongy Hair Roller, which makes it more comfortable to sleep with them in. (But it'll probably get in the way while sleeping) To keep them secure, place a rubber band around the Hair roller before sleeping on them. 

I recently read that Sponges take in a lot of moisture from your hair, so I recommend using a leave in Conditioner before using the Sponge rollers, that way your hair will stay healthy and have a brilliant shine.

 You can keep these Hair rollers in for as long as needed, they're fun and unique! And extremely popular in Asia as of now. Many famous Korean and Japanese Popstars can be seen wearing these in Dramas and T.V. shows.

The more hair you use in each roller, the more fuller of a curl you will get. Less Hair= Smaller curl.

One last thing. Since these are sold in packs of six, gives you two packs for the price of one. Thick or thin hair, you will more then likely need 2 packs.

Tell me about YOUR experience with Strawberry Hair rollers. Yay or Nay?



  1. these curlers are really super cute! I bought a pack (6 pcs) yesterday, and the result is great!! But I have one teensy problem with it-- my hair always tangles when I take them out... any suggestions about it??

    1. I think your best bet would be to put some sort of detangler in your hair before using the hair rollers. Hope this helps!!